Starting from 2009, we started our first project on a health care item, which is a bath chair for elderly or disable to bath. The specification was much harder than any products we did before. Hence, the first order will be only around few hundreds a year. This project was planned to benefit for the elderly market and we want to work on this and started to upgrade our engineering and manufacturing process on health care product. We started to study the ISO13485 and FDA details at the same time, their engineer was in our factory for helping to set up and develop together with our team on the testing devices and develop the quality setting. We learned together on how to make sure the tracking and lower the risks to customers. After half year, we got a very successful first launch in year 2009 and which opened up the medical world for us. 

Last few years, we started our Controller for wheel chair development and got a few awards with our patented design. We are continuing learning and review to minimize the risk and maximize the benefits for customers. 

We are looking forward to open up more new windows for our company and learn from our customers and grow together with them.