A new page on our pet product line, a totally new concept which break-thought the existing market line. Working with our USA team to try the Kickstarter to see if that is a working concept and if pet owners think this is a missing segment in the pet toy section. We were glad that we have the backers support on our product and successfully launch the item. We experienced the filming, worked with different pet behaviorists to review and discussed how we should do improvement on it. 

We never forgot this experience and it is so graceful we started it. Because of this, our factory is very supporting to the inventors, crown-funding project, and all people wanna start their own and first project and no one is showing support to the prototype development, manufacturing and suggestion to their products. 

We hope that we could grow with our client together to develop a long-term and sustainable business together. 


Everyone works with us, we hope to develop a long term relationships together. We love to listen and provide our experiences and suggestion to clients as well as our labors. We had lots of clients working with us more than 10 years, even one of them is the first client to our factory and we are working together until today. We hope our honest, passion and open-mind working flow able to maintain a long relationship and keep we hope to grow with anyone work with us.