Facing a lot of external and internal pushes, there are a lot of pressures on lack of labor and costs increasing. Based on that, we built up our own automation team in the year 2015 to strengthen our manufacturing set up. We used nearly nine-months for setting up, at the same time on rebuild the logic on the production process and tooling review as to able to maximize the production rate. Review with clients and work together to get the first automation machine in used to replace a lots manual workmanship and even more secures on the quality to the market. We help clients to reduce more than 30% on their cost and bigger volume for us in the coming years.

We are glad that we are now with 70% of our injection in semi-automation and replace the way of assemble line on it. Hence, we got patented machine on the automation devices and machines set up helping us a lot on the coming developments. 

Nowadays, we are working closely with clients to see how to maximize their production and develop a long term relationship to build up the foundation together so that we could go further and faster than others. 

We continue to grow with our clients and willing to face different challenges from the world and for ourselves.